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My Annual Social Media Detox (part 2)

After an amazing 9 day detox, I’m officially back on the net. Today I turned my smartphone on and after buzzing for half an hour from notifications, texts, and the rest I realized that…. (drum roll) I don’t miss social networks. Honestly, I have zero desire for opening Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and WhatsApp (especially WhatsApp #SorryNotSorry). I feel present, happy, and curious. Folks, tell me, this is what 1989 felt like?

From my second detox I learned new things. Let me share my Millennial widsom with you:

  1. If you want to do it right- leave the social media you are most addicted to. In my case is Instagram (#uglycry)
  2. Tell your loved ones about your detox- its duration, your whereabouts, and how YOU will contact them in case of an emergency 
  3. Bring activities with you- reading (I’m in the middle of The Name of the Rose and Aromatherapy), writing (ideas, poems, dreams, phrases, columns, and comics!), Sudoku, photography, printed magazines (I’m trying to read all those that finish with Mexico- Vogue Mexico, Nylon Mexico), you name it.
  4. Plan activities- I’m boring so I went to museums, libraries, and historical buildings. But you can do a restaurant tour, climbing, exploring, clubbing, you got the idea.
  5. I’m less self conscious about my looks- I didn’t took my mirror out, reapply my makeup or made second thoughts about my outfit #BodyPositivity y’all
  6. My neck and shoulders feel amazing – #OhYes

But oh boy, everything has a begging and an end and I HAD to turn my phone on. However, Smartypants had a plan. 

  1. Select two goals for work and two for you personal errands. Focus on them. Period. Your energy is finite, for me mornings are my go-go time.
  2. Connect after you finished your second task/goal. For me it was to write four versions of the same column I’ll published (I’m #OCD and my coworkers are probably #OCD too). After I finished them all I checked my texts, WhatsApp, and e-mails.
  3. Give yourself small rewards: getting a cup of coffee after replying THAT e-mail, putting some music, arranging your folders (yes, it’s a prize for me).
  4. Set interaction rules, for me it is Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest once a week (let’s see if I can keep it up), no replying during lunch and workouts, deleting apps I no longer use and stop with all the crazy notifications!!

Day 1 of #PretendIs1995 was a success. I’m aiming for at least a month. Dear readers, please be happy, both offline and online.

Margarita como la flor

“Yo soy Margarita, igual que la flor. Tengo 73 años y vine sola, mi Enrique no quiso venir. Él me dice que si lo saco, que sea a la playa. ¿Me sacás una foto? Es para mi nieta la mayor. Intenté platicar con ellos pero tienen cero onda, se cree la reina” – Sra. Margarita, Tres Ríos, Argentina.
Espero todos lleguemos a tener la vitalidad y alegría de ella.

My basics

After reading a couple of blogs, I realized that I have never thought about my trademark. I know what makes me unique: my bubbly personality and two eager big eyes. However, talking about a personal brand I hadn’t paid much attention. So, here it goes, a list of the Moni Basics:

1. Moleskine

When I went to Italy my dad gave me my very first Moleskine notebook. Little, red, pretty, and perfect. From time to time I may switch to hand-made notebooks but sooner than later I miss the back pocket and elastic band.

2. Shoes

My krioptonite and main trademark.

3. Crazy pens

I have a llama pen (courtesy of Caty from Peru), Stilo pens, blue diamond pens and my colorful style.

4. Book

My first hobbie and everlasting love.

5. Lipsticks

A couple just in case I change my mind during the day.

And coffee, always coffee.

My Annual Social Media Detox (part 1)

Pretending it’s 1989 is harder than I thought. To start with, I didn’t lived, so I can only pretend. My reference is Taylor Swift’s album and my parents memories. How did they lived without electronics?! Turning off my phone was the easy part, to have lots of available time was hard. No social media, no texting, no fidgeting with my Motorola.

I took out my book, “Il Nome della Rosa” by Umberto Ecco and read for a while. I realized that I haven’t put on Instagram my new book or my cute sneakers. The light was perfect, I also had a funny caption and a couple of hashtags written on my head.

Why did I promised my hippie self that I would do this half digital detox? I am using an iPad and only five applications, WordPress being one of them (obviously). I’m trying to unhook to my other devices, but it hasn’t proved easy. I am a digital native after all.

“Social media have not only shaped our face-to-face interactions but also our thinking process.”

I am sad of how much I crave getting digital attention instead of enjoying some quality time with my folks. These past six hours made me realize (again) how addictive our smartphones are. As a millennial I love technology and social media, but as a yogui/reader/nerd I KNOW is not healthy to be glued to them.

This is the second year I’ve done it. The first time I picked Uber, Instagram, Gmail, TripCase and Facebook as my apps. This year is Uber, Google Maps, Prisma, WordPress, and TripCase. I’ll keep you posted on my sui generis detox.

Suma de sangres

Yo soy la suma de mis antepasados

su sangre se fortaleció y mi mestizaje es resultado del amor.

Gracias a mis antepasados milenarios,

cada vez que caigo, me levanto con más fuerza e integridad.


Soy invencible, tenaz y valiente

gracias a la sangre indígena que corre por mis venas.


Soy fuerte, intrépida y conquistadora

por mi sangre española.


Soy elegante, misteriosa y curiosa,

gracias a la herencia francesa,

que a pesar de ser europea no deja

ni por un segundo de ser mediterránea.


Mi cabello lustroso, negro como la noche,

embriagantemente bello


Mis ojos grandes, mi sonrisa picarona y

mi empuje a la supervivencia

sin duda vienen de aquel pasado árabe.


Y toda mi belleza y dulzura son producto de mi felicidad,

herencia de mujeres fuertes y hombre sabios.


Mi trabajo árduo, mi completa dedicación a mi familia,

son valores que reconozco de mi familia fronteriza.


Hoy les agradezco a todos mis antepasados

por haber aportado tan valiosa genética.


Y a las mujeres creadoras, por cuya entrega, hoy estoy aquí.


Catarsis citadina

“El problema nace en la pedagogía de cada lección”

Siempre me ha parecido que los seres humanos somos de las creaturas más complicadas. La manera en la que volvemos a un mismo punto, pensamiento, lugar o sentimiento es cíclica y agotadora.

No me dejo de sorprender. La capacidad de maravillarme por nuestra propia vida ha sido el mejor descubrimiento de mis 20s. Sin duda, con el paso de los años acumulamos experiencias y recuerdos, pero no necesariamente son aprendizajes.

Uno de mis objetivos más íntimos es acumular la mayor cantidad de aprendizaje y sabiduría. El problema nace en la pedagogía de cada lección. Es imposible que nos agrade todos y cada uno de los temas del curso. De igual manera algunos nos resultarán difíciles y otros agradables.

Los espacios también difieren, algunos con mayor grado de fragilidad que otros. Mientras yo encuentro mi catarsis en una jungla de asfalto, la de otro puedo ser en un medio natural. Nuestra sensación espacial no está excenta, cuando cambiamos de lugar nos volvemos más curiosos y contemplativos.

En mi caso lo tomo como una oportunidad de reflexionar. Es así como permito que mi catarsis de paso al aprendizaje y el autoconocimiento. Este fin de semana, como en ocasiones anteriores me ha brindado la oportunidad de tener un corazón más sabio.

The Only 10 Reasons You Need to Read “The Handmaid’s Tale” (Before Watching the Series)

Yes, I know, Hulu is releasing a seriess based on this book. But this is yet another good reason to read “The Handmaid’s Tale.” I stumble into this Canadian masterpiece thanks to my book club and realized that there are a handful of reasons why you should read it!

  1. Margaret Atwood book is masterpiece. I think it needs to be more appreciated. Read this piece she wrote for the New York Times.
  2. The novel passes the Bechtel test with high honors. Honestly, writers and filmmakers of the world, is not that hard!
  3. “The Handmaid’s Tale” criticizes sexism and objectification in a subtle but powerful way.
  4. The book plot reminds us how incredibly selfish human beings can be, even in a so-called theocratic society.
  5. The descriptions of Gilead are not very far fetched from today’s reality.
  6. Even if the book was written in the 80s, the trama is as current as if it was written today.
  7. The situations can be universally understood.
  8. Atwood masterly took the history of Harvard University backwards. The once Puritan theological seminary has become a liberal institution. On her book it happens the other way around.
  9. Also, “The Handmaid’s Tale” high level officials reminds us a lot of a recently-elected president and his supporters (scary).
  10. Bookworm alert – You can have the upper hand when the series air! Books contain so many more details!


Image originally from: “Margaret Atwood on What ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Means in the Age of Trump.” (2017). The New York Times. Created by Eleni Kalorkoti