My Annual Social Media Detox (part 2)

After an amazing 9 day detox, I’m officially back on the net. Today I turned my smartphone on and after buzzing for half an hour from notifications, texts, and the rest I realized that…. (drum roll) I don’t miss social networks. Honestly, I have zero desire for opening Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and WhatsApp (especially WhatsApp #SorryNotSorry). I feel present, happy, and curious. Folks, tell me, this is what 1989 felt like?

From my second detox I learned new things. Let me share my Millennial widsom with you:

  1. If you want to do it right- leave the social media you are most addicted to. In my case is Instagram (#uglycry)
  2. Tell your loved ones about your detox- its duration, your whereabouts, and how YOU will contact them in case of an emergency 
  3. Bring activities with you- reading (I’m in the middle of The Name of the Rose and Aromatherapy), writing (ideas, poems, dreams, phrases, columns, and comics!), Sudoku, photography, printed magazines (I’m trying to read all those that finish with Mexico- Vogue Mexico, Nylon Mexico), you name it.
  4. Plan activities- I’m boring so I went to museums, libraries, and historical buildings. But you can do a restaurant tour, climbing, exploring, clubbing, you got the idea.
  5. I’m less self conscious about my looks- I didn’t took my mirror out, reapply my makeup or made second thoughts about my outfit #BodyPositivity y’all
  6. My neck and shoulders feel amazing – #OhYes

But oh boy, everything has a begging and an end and I HAD to turn my phone on. However, Smartypants had a plan. 

  1. Select two goals for work and two for you personal errands. Focus on them. Period. Your energy is finite, for me mornings are my go-go time.
  2. Connect after you finished your second task/goal. For me it was to write four versions of the same column I’ll published (I’m #OCD and my coworkers are probably #OCD too). After I finished them all I checked my texts, WhatsApp, and e-mails.
  3. Give yourself small rewards: getting a cup of coffee after replying THAT e-mail, putting some music, arranging your folders (yes, it’s a prize for me).
  4. Set interaction rules, for me it is Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest once a week (let’s see if I can keep it up), no replying during lunch and workouts, deleting apps I no longer use and stop with all the crazy notifications!!

Day 1 of #PretendIs1995 was a success. I’m aiming for at least a month. Dear readers, please be happy, both offline and online.



  1. This is so true Thanks for posting!!!#Worspressnetworking I’m going to go on the detox for My only social media which is Instagram. I’m going to uninstall it and stop using it. Let’s go back to 1975!🚨🎯🌎💼

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