My Annual Social Media Detox (part 1)

Pretending it’s 1989 is harder than I thought. To start with, I didn’t lived, so I can only pretend. My reference is Taylor Swift’s album and my parents memories. How did they lived without electronics?! Turning off my phone was the easy part, to have lots of available time was hard. No social media, no texting, no fidgeting with my Motorola.

I took out my book, “Il Nome della Rosa” by Umberto Ecco and read for a while. I realized that I haven’t put on Instagram my new book or my cute sneakers. The light was perfect, I also had a funny caption and a couple of hashtags written on my head.

Why did I promised my hippie self that I would do this half digital detox? I am using an iPad and only five applications, WordPress being one of them (obviously). I’m trying to unhook to my other devices, but it hasn’t proved easy. I am a digital native after all.

“Social media have not only shaped our face-to-face interactions but also our thinking process.”

I am sad of how much I crave getting digital attention instead of enjoying some quality time with my folks. These past six hours made me realize (again) how addictive our smartphones are. As a millennial I love technology and social media, but as a yogui/reader/nerd I KNOW is not healthy to be glued to them.

This is the second year I’ve done it. The first time I picked Uber, Instagram, Gmail, TripCase and Facebook as my apps. This year is Uber, Google Maps, Prisma, WordPress, and TripCase. I’ll keep you posted on my sui generis detox.


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