The ABC of Scientific Publications

Do you know your ABC for  your research area? These three elements can propel your acceptance rate as easy as 123.

A – Journal

Pick the journal or journals you want to send your manuscript to before you start to write. Become an expert on the vocabulary, figures, and topics that journal publishes. This way you won’t have to work double (or to the nth degree).

B – Coauthors

Like in Game of Thrones, pick your coauthors wisely. Each researcher has its own working style, preferred hours, and abilities. Pick those who want to reach the same objective as you do.

For example, if you are an amazing writing but a not-so-happy lab goer, look for those people who complements your strong points.

C – Time Frame

Establish a time frame from day zero. This step is crucial for: multitaskers, procrastinators, and graduate students Set dates for each manuscript delivery, schedule appointments with your advisor or team ahead of time (i.e. every other Tuesday), and assign tasks.

Building a schedule can increase your possibilities of having a publication by the date you want to. Remember, journal editors take their time reviewing, correcting, and publishing.


Finally, enjoy your work. Pick a topic you love, work with people you admire, and send manuscripts to the journals you read.

Disclaimer – I am not a scientist (yet). I’m a content creator and science passionate.


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