How I Went From Shy to People’s Person While Being True to Myself

I was a shy girl growing up. Being a book lover and shorter than my classmates didn’t help much. However, in high school I found out how to turn things around. I’m still a Potterhead and a bookworm but I’m also known as someone that is bubbly and constantly enthusiastic. Being a people’s person became one of my strongest assets.

It is pretty simple, you only need to take your so-called “flaws” and use them as strengths. For example, I listed four characteristics of mine that I started using in my favor without compromising my personality:

1. Good at listening

Years of “training” (aka being shy) have already made you an amazing listening buddy. Being able to listen to someone without interrupting is a skill in extinction. Use it wisely.

2. Remembering details

Being the quiet kid leaves room to remember many details, such as important dates, what the other likes and dislikes and the way they react. Details are a short road to be a people’s person.

3. Emphatetic

You are by nature an emphatic person. Caring and understanding others forges good relationships (friendships, work, networking). This only works if you remember to care about yourself too.

4. Reading people

This one has help me enormously at work. I have been a community manager, a public relations specialist, and now a days I’m a communication pro. Being able to know the what, how, and why of the people you approach can make a difference in your work and other relationships.

Took me years to realize that I already had under my belt these four skills. Please look closely at what you call “flaws,” and don’t be too hard on yourself, you may discover that you had many more strenghths.


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