Can the people that define success, please stand up?

Who defines success? Why do we say someone is successful and someone is not? What are the rules?

Humans are competitive by nature. We compete for jobs, attention, recognition, love, education, and so on. We have endured wars and we are eager for a match or game of our favorite sport team. In science, we had Charles Darwin talked about the survival of the fittest in his book “ On the Origin of the Species.”
Yesterday, I was at yoga after a long work day and started thinking: who decides if I’m successful or not? The unposken rule usually is, if you appear in the mainstream media, then you are successful. And this may be due to a breakout Start Up, a reality show, a political race or a high profile job.
At school, grades and awards were the way to measure success. But that doesn’t translate to the work arena, the numbers on your bank account doesn’t make successful. Then what is it? A senior position may not make you happier, but it makes you successful in the company organization chart?
While driving home after yoga I started compiling characteristics that I see as successful and that I would like to be measured for: hapiness, health, peace of mind, and mentoring system. Do you agree? Would you add something else?
What makes you successful

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