We are a family

I just began reading Marina Keegan’s book. “The Opposite of Loneliness” is powerful, well written and connects with the reader. It’s little to say I’m sensitive.

Today I receive some horrible news, I don’t need to give details, there are all over the Web. I don’t know how people learn to deal with this, so I’m going to do it in the best way I can: writing.

At this moment I’m sad and furious. I’m sad because of everything that happen, because my dearest friends are struggling, suffering and I’m not there to offer them a hug and my shoulder. Friends, I’m here, for you, always, at any time.

I’m sad because no one realize, I’m sad because I cannot believe that this is happening, that a clever, sensitive man who I talked to, whose pictures I just liked less than 20 hours ago, is gone.

And I’m furious by the way all of this is being handle. So many whys, no answers. I don’t need to hear the theories that some websites are pulling. We are still a family, we support each other, we care for each other and through darkness and light we go hand by hand. Dear friends, friends of friends, don’t feel lonely, we are hear, I’m hear.

Today I’m praying for him, and for his family. But I’m also praying for each and everyone. I hope you can find peace and strength.


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