Shiny new year, welcome to 2015

I’m still getting used to this new year. It’s a great opportunity to continue with my long-term projects but also to start new ones.

This year I want to:

1. Read more.

Monica Arreola Books 2015 Blog
Source: 9gag

According to statistics in Mexico we read half a book per year. In 2014 I read 21 books and I feel like I need to raise the bar.

I found this lovely list and I think it can give us ideas in case we don’t know where to start!

Feel free to share 🙂

Monica Arreola Reading List 2015 Blog
Source: 9gag

















Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

2. Love more. Whine less. Love what you do, the people that surround you, your community, your education. If one or more of these is bothering one, do something about it. Change jobs, meet your neighbors, sing up in a volunteer activity, take a course, a class, join a club. But don’t settle, own this year.


Souce: Instagram
Souce: Instagram

3.  Expect more from you and less from others. You are the main architect of your life. Yes, there are things we can’t change and we don’t have control. But for the rest, feel free to make your life your own.


4. Smile more. Smile in the mornings, smile to yourself. It’s proven that can make you a happier person, so why not try it?

5. Give back.  To your community, your friends, your church, your country. Could be joining a Lean In circle for exchanging ideas and support, giving a donation to a worthy cause or being aware of what’s happening in your local area.


Source: Rock the Vote
Source: Rock the Vote


So be involved, be in touch, and be happy.

Have a great 2015!


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