Instagram and Pinterest for your company? Yes, please


Social media in business
Social media in business

Expanding your brand doesn’t necessarily means increasing the number of followers in Twitter, it means having a broader reach: how many people saw your Facebook post, your tweet, your LinkedIn discussion, the event’s photo?
In this Millennial era companies are on the “formal” social media, but what about the other ones? Instagram, Pinterest, Flipboard are image based platforms that can bust the number of reached people.

I don’t know about you, but for me after a day in front of the computer I just want to relax a bit and see what people have been up to, so I go to Instragram where I can just skim over the photos, or to Pinterest to give me ideas of what I can wear tomorrow or Flipboard to see the pictures associated with the main news’ headlines. It doesn’t require a lot of effort and you’ll remember names and brands.

Taken from Mdgadvertising
Taken from Mdgadvertising

A clever move is when a company has several social media accounts, for example I follow my favorite cloth brands and newspapers on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. That way I won’t miss any important update, piece of news or alerts, even if I don’t go to all the accounts. And maybe you don’t know but Instagram has more users and 15 times more interaction than Twitter.

PR News recently published an article about the use of these social media, an important point the author, Matthew Schwartz made: don’t try to make a soft sale. I wanted to point this piece of advice because for me was obvious but maybe for an stressed social media manager might seem doable. It’s always better to demonstrate how the products or services work and if a user is interested in more, he/she can go to directly to your website.

My advise is: invest time and resources on image based media if you can but don’t neglect the other ones. The goal is to increase your reach not to be a ghost in every single social media.


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