How to be a new hire feels a lot like being a freshmen

When everything and everyone is shinny and new. Even if you like it or not, you’ll make mistakes and there are things that takes time to learn. 

stormsI’ve only been working full time for almost two months but I already have things to share. This semester has been one of the most exciting for me. This December was the official end of my life as an undergraduate student and the beginning of my life as a worker.

These two bubbles, college and work, overlapped in my life since the 1st of November. The past month and 28 days were exhausting but included a massive amount of learning. I got the best of both worlds, for that I’m thankful.

During my four and a half years in college I did internships, had part time jobs and got involved in student associations and other groups. Did these experiences helped me in my job? Yes. Were they enough? No.

Every challenge in my previous work experiences was different and very enriching, but for the first week of my job as a Public Relations specialist (in case you were curious about what I do) I felt very clumsy. The feeling made me remember early August of 2009 because it was like being a freshmen all over again: you feel excited all the time, motivated to do your best, happy for the opportunity and unfortunately very clumsy. You are just trying too hard.

I’ll like to share the few things I learned, the reason I remember them is because I’m the kind of person that over-thinks everything

  • Be humble about your abilities, every situation will be new
  • Be confident. You can do it. They chose you, they’re training you, then you have the potential.
  • Be objective (try). Be critical with what you deliver but don’t be so hard on yourself. No need to dwell for hours about the mistake you already made.
  • Lastly, be optimistic. Every experience adds up, not all your effort go under noticed and it’s just the beginning of a life-long trip, so enjoy!

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