Why college cheerleading is empowering

The Yale Cheer Team is not about uniforms, body glitter or catching boy’s eyes. It’s about hard work and inspiration.

I have to admit it, I used to think that cheerleaders stereotypes were true. What a great surprise I received the moment I step in WPG and saw the beginning of spring semester’s open class.  I was shocked.

These girls can do everything, they can base, they can fly, they stunt, they can lift basically anything. And after an exhausting practice they go back to their dorms, finish their homework, papers, psets and get As in Yale.

The main reason that attract me to join them is their work ethic, not  any of the reason movies show you. . The hard work they put in everything they do is inspiring. They make lifting two girls look easy and effortless (it isn’t, trust me).

In my two months as a member of the team  I learn I am strong, something I didn’t believed before. That if I can do those amazing physical things I can give an amazing oral presentation, and so on.
I learned that if you train hard enough you can achieve great results. In the morning you go and ace your classes and in the afternoon you do amazing stunts with a smile. Not easy but doable.

Last, but not least, it reinforces the idea of that you can achieve more as a team than by yourself. You have to trust your stunt team. Only by trusting you can go, jump, and fly a few meters.

There’s a certain stigma about cheerleading, and I can say that is stronger outside the USA, so I usually don’t talk about my experience. But I was inspiring by a newspaper piece I saw prior to The Game (Yale vs Harvard annual football game). I read my former team members experiences and I couldn’t help but smile. There were the interviews to my premed major friend and my neuroscience major captain, I could remember our dinners talking about poliscience papers and psets.

This is my small contribution to the college cheer teams (and other teams, why not). And to the general criticisms I only have two things to say to you: stop throwing shade and saying comments that sound a lot like slut shaming. Do believe me that while doing a stunt the last thing in our minds is if we look cute or not.


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