BYND2015 : The hub in Monterrey



I have to be honest, the idea of waking up super early on a Saturday was not tempting at all. Especially after the big celebration my university had a day before. However, this last Saturday was one of the best days I have had during the current semester. In an amazing effort made by college students and professors we did a replica of the Youth World Summit that is taking place next week in Costa Rica. In several halls at Tec de Monterrey we discussed the main topics that the summit will tackle: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Citizenship and Governance, Environment, Online Safety and Health. For each topic we formed a workshop making our city an official hub of the event BYND2015. Other universities around the world are taking part of BYND2015 making replicas of the summit and then sending out their ideas and proposals of how issues could be solved using information technologies.

If this event would have taken place a year ago I would have probably chosen citizenship and governance because of the classes I have taken. Yesterday I chose something different and I’m very grateful for everything that has influenced me to do so. Thanks to my experience at Yale I love to explore academic courses and to do something out of my comfort zone has become exciting, thanks to my formation at Tec I’ve learned to think out of the box, and thanks to a summer acquaintance I’m no longer scared to be politically incorrect and respectfully express my opinion.

So that’s the short story of how this IR major senior joined the health workshop. Let me tell you that Med students can be a bit intimidating when they start using terms and classifying diseases. I may not be an expert on health issues but I have concerns too. Like the rise on the polio, AIDS, and cancer cases around the world, the overly saturated public health centers in Mexico, and the lack of safety in some vaccination centers.

The multidisciplinary team worked perfectly together. Professor Loya was really helpful and enthusiastic. The dynamic between the students was great, even if the workshop was early in the morning, we had more ideas and proposals than time. The whole experience was amazing, we had so much to say and everyone was actively participating. By the time I noticed three and a half hours had passed by and we had to submit our proposal.

I am proud to be part of #hubMty. I hope that the replicas around the world and the summit at San Jose are as productive and inspiring as this one. BYND2015 was the best way to spend a Saturday morning. Please stay tuned as more students and world leaders address issues our world is facing. We are going beyond the Millennium goals by proposing fresh and doable solutions.

This is me brainstorming with my team


The Health Workshop


The members of the Hub Mty


*Pictures taken from the official Facebook group of BYND 2015 MTY Hub


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