12 weeks, 12 books

This is going to be the longest summer i’ll have since high school and my previous years in college. For that reason I gave myself time to get sick, sleep, and eventually get bored. Last summer I gave myself a challenge so I won’t lose my mind for having so much free time. In my defense I have spent every single summer of my life in summer camps, summer school or doing voluntary work. Besides creating imaginary chores and giving myself deadlines I came up with an idea.

If this is my last longest summer of my adulthood I’m going to spend it in a smart way. Last semester I had around 10 weeks so I read 8 books. I want to repeat that, so my challenge is to read a book a week.

So far I have only read two and a half. I picked one selected by my baby bro, a lit major. “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” by  Alexander Solzhenitsyn is a Russian novel about the gulags and the life of the prisoners stationed in Siberia. Not my favorite, but I love trying new, unexpected things. The second book, I have to say that I played it safe, I picked a book by one of my favorite authors, the Japanese Haruki Murakami. I devour his books. Last summer I read his trilogy “iQ84.” Highly recommended. The second week of my summer vacations I picked “Norwegian Woods” with the title weirdly translated as “Tokio Blues” in Spanish. I liked it, mostly for the writing style that I described as very Japanese. The writing is very down to earth, addressing emotions and painting pictures I can relate with. For the Mexican culture the descriptions are a bit spicy, however in the Asian contemporary culture I found the book perfectly normal. I love Murakami so I may be a bit biased.

Following my Oriental trend, I return to Russia, this time in a pre-Soviet era featuring the elite class including counts, princes, and judges. This third book, “Anna Karenina,” a classic by Leo Tolstoy is thicker than expected. The writing style is not my favorite, I found the description of the era very long and somehow boring. However I have learned a lot about the agricultural pre-Soviet organization.

This is the beginning of week six and I’m still in my third book. I do love challenges, so wish me luck!


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