Reconnecting with home

Coming back is not easy. During finals coming back home seems like paradise, the promise land. But after two weeks reality shows you otherwise. Don’t get me wrong, I love been around my family and having coffee with my friends, but I miss the vibrant environment, where every single minute something is happening.  I don’t know if such dynamic is peculiar or that’s the way we (the students) built the environment. We are rule-makers but we are also followers.

Taking small steps reconnecting with your own home shouldn’t be as hard. What I have tried so far is cooking a meal, watching a movie together, sending my friend a billion texts, and helping out younger college students. Not bad at all. The worst part of being home is dealing with problems you thought they were fixed ages ago or you just forgot about them. Like today, I came bad to a flooded bedroom, at least 2 inches of water. And of course, a flood is not completed without some damaged electronics. In my case two curlers, because as every girl with straight hair I want it curly.

Anyway, seems like my sink is rebelling after a year without use, and decided to dripped water from everywhere. The worst part is that this happened before, two years ago.

On the bright side after cleaning so much my room’s floor is impeccable.


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