Defining a Yvisper

Who are the Yvispers? We are friendly creatures going to the same classes like you, the difference is that we at Yale just for a year. The Y-VISP was created last year in 2011-2012. The name stands for Yale Visiting International Student Program. We are just the second generation. The YVISP demography varies in ages although we are register as juniors. A particular characteristic that we all share is that we love to blend in. We are in your science class, your art class, we tried out for sports, dance groups, cheerleading, and singing groups. We got to the same parties, we play in the IMs, we participate in tailgates, SAC, student organizations, and Master’s teas.

Y VISPiers

We all heard at least once: “I didn’t know that this program existed!” “What is the YVISP?” “Do you mean that you are an exchange student?” “For how long has Yale accepted exchange students?”

We love to talk about the program and brag about it. Each of the yvispers has a different profile, personality, and background. We complement each other and we represent the program in each activity and class we are involved. The academic year of 2012-2013 we come from three universities: Tec de Monterrey in Mexico, the University of Hong Kong, and the National University of Singapore.

Seeing us all together during dinner is like seeing an international loving family, we are so loud because we love each other, we asked each other about our week and classes, and we go to each other’s performances, galleries, shows, and games. Being around us is like being at a party were you know everyone! We all have so much to share with each other. If you happen to be around, at our table you can hear around four different languages: English, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin. However, in total the group is able to communicate in eight languages.

Even with the excitement of being at Yale, which includes wearing our Yale gear every time we can, there are also some issues. Including the way our name or last name is written. Being an unknown program can be hard, it confuses people when you tell them that you are a junior at some college, because by now students know their class pretty well. Also we want to apply to things, like capped classes, fellowships, internships, it is not clear to which opportunities we are considered and for which we are not. Some Professors are very enthusiastic of having us because we are a gust of fresh air, but some can’t lets us in their class because other students emailed them two semesters ago or because we need a particular pre-requisite.

Our time here just finished. But is not too late to get to know the program! The one-year Yale experience is wonderful; interacting with our classmates, college peers, Professors, and Grad Students has brought so much into our lives. From my own experience knowing that my friends from Branford, JE, Sabrosura, Danceworks, Cheer team, LASO, and YMSO are always going to offer me to sit with them in the Dhall, to go out with them, and say hi to me every single time is priceless. The next generation of YVISP is so lucky to get to know all of our friends, your passion and energy is inspiring. This August keep an eye on the yvispers, the group is going to be larger, more diverse, but equally friendly.


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