Brief recap of my year at Yale

I had amazing classes, and readings. But above everything I met amazing human beings. What I cherish the most is my relationship with my professors and friends.

I shopped classes for two weeks every semester, I won the hunger games (aka getting into classes), I studied every day, I wrote 14 papers, did 7 midterms and 8 finals.

I learned new vocabulary at brunch: tailgate, pre game, study break, kiki, rave, hookup, God quad, and blackout.


I dressed fancy for Spider ball. I dressed tacky for tap night. And I refused to dress up for Halloween.

I fell in love. I got my heart broken. I fell in love again. I regret nothing.

I made friends for the first time. I lost some friends. I made new friends. I’ve never felt so loved in my life.

I went to the best bars and restaurants in New Haven. I also went to Toad’s. The best feature about them was my friends’ company.

I partied every weekend, I danced every day, and I loved every minute.

I performed 8 times in front of a live audience, I tried new things, and I sticked with my dance team.

I cried a few times, but I laughed a lot more.

I fell too many times, but I stood up every single time.

I received two main lessons this year:

1) If you want to do something, fight for it. Everything else are excuses.

2) Success is measured in how much satisfaction you get and the impact on the community your actions have, not in grades or money.


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